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I moved to Brighton in the UK in November 2020 as it was time for a new environment for me. Brighton is known for its many vegan shops and shops with only natural and organic products, which I really enjoyed discovering. This is actually what I liked the most to discover so far, and I thought it was very good to see that the people of Brighton are so concerned with sustainability. In any case, there are plenty of alternatives for people who like to buy eco-friendly products, like me! And I have already discovered a number of very nice products here, which have gradually acquired a permanent place with the rest of my beauty products. I’m going to tell you which products these are, with a little story about who and what is hiding behind the brand!

Faith in Nature started in 1974 and with 11 pounds in their pocket, but a lot of ambition. Faith in Nature has since become one of the most popular sustainable shampoo brands in Great Britain!

1. Faith in Nature – Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner

Faith in Nature is a very popular skincare brand, as they use 100% natural ingredients and their shampoos, conditioners and soaps all smell wonderful. I used to use Coconut but then I discovered Rosemary, and I’ve been using it ever since. The scent of the shampoo is very soothing and makes me feel like I’m in a warm bath of Kneipp bath oil. If you are familiar with this brand; In terms of smell, it compares well with that. Pure scents, like an essential oil that smells steamy through your room. Definitely my favorite! And my hair also looks genuinely better: more shine and more volume.

2. Lush – “Let the good times roll” face scrub

When it comes to beauty products, Lush has been my favorite for years. It started with colored bath bombs, day cream and body lotion and now I have a whole line of ‘naked’ Lush products without packaging. This is the great thing about Lush: it smells great, is packaging-free and made with lots of natural products. These products are picked from all over the world to be experimented with and used to make special, out-of-the-box products.

Lush’s shop looks a bit like a kid’s chemistry lab: all colors and shapes and concoctions in graduated cylinders: your wildest childhood dreams can be seen visually come true here in this particularly scented lab store. You can try out, mix and match and the staff is highly trained to explain and try out all the details and origin of the products.

The face scrub “Let the good times roll” is my favorite because it smells so good and is made with fresh products. And… surprise: it contains corn, cinnamon and popcorn! A wonderful scrub for your face and your skin feels as soft as baby skin afterwards.

3. Absolute Aromas – Relaxation Natural Room Spray

I came across this brand by accident, because I was looking for a nice smell in my room. This relaxing room spray smells fantastic, and is a combination of citrus, lavender, patchouli, ylang-ylang, chamomile and flowers. It is a 100% natural product, found at The Infinity Store in the famous North Lanes. And it’s true: it genuinely makes you feel calmer.

4. Faith in Nature – Coconut Soap

Another great product from Faith in Nature: their soaps! I was looking for a natural soap, because normal soap dries out my skin, and then I came across this one. Faith in Nature has a whole line of natural soap blocks, such as: lavender, tea tree, aloe vera, coconut, orange, rosemary, hemp and grapefruit. I still really like coconut, so I use this one. And it works great for my skin, even in winter it doesn’t dry out my hands.

5. Ku.tis vegan deodorant

I found a vegan deodorant stick from Ku.tis in the same great store, The Infinity Store in The North Laines. I have the ‘Cedarwood and Rose’, and it smells really great! The nice thing about this deodorant is that it still smells good after a while. I’ve tried other natural deodorant brands, but this one was nowhere near as pleasant as this one! Recommended!

These are the 5 natural beauty products from the UK I use most often, and I’m really glad I found them so I can share them with you! Beauty products can sometimes make you really happy, especially with such deliciously scented ingredients and all natural flavours.

Love, Celina


Celina is an adventurer by heart, who likes to take on any challenge, wether it is hiking trough the Alps or living in a bus in the outback of Australia. She loves to be in touch with nature and her dream is to eventually be location independend, organise yoga-retreats all over the world, and keep exploring the corners of our world.

Celina loves doing yoga, surfing, longboarding and being near the sea or the mountains.

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