At the weekend we often went on discovery trips through the outback of Australia. For hiking, and to discover other beautiful nature reserves. And then you probably think: even more beautiful than the area where we were already?! But even in the most beautiful area (we lived between Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta, and it was absolutely stunning) you want to discover new places every now and then. We often went to National Parks, to hike and look for beautiful waterfalls. These top 6 waterfalls, all near the Gold Coast, are definitely all worth a visit! And now that I’m writing about it, I really wish I could go back.. But writing about it is also fun, as it brings you right back there.

1. Springbrook National Park

This hike of around 45 minutes was absolutely worth it. What a height this waterfall has! And what was the view from the top, when you finally see the waterfall, amazing! Once you’re down, there’s a stream where you can cool off and feel the power of the splashing water. Just be careful not to stand under this waterfall, because the height makes the water clatter hard on your head and small stones can end up on your head, which is no fun. So at your own risk. But this is definitely number 1 for me: a magical place because of the enormous height, different colors of sediment and it is in the middle of the jungle.

2. Mount Tamborine National Park 

These mountains are just under an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast. Not that far, and definitely worth a visit! We drove here for the viewpoint and unfortunately did not see the waterfall, but this incredibly beautiful National Park with its panoramic views and tropical jungle is 100% worth it and is on a deserved number 2 for a reason.

At this viewpoint it is intended that you start the hike very early in the morning, about 2 o’clock in the night, so you can see the sunrise. We arrived at the village and were exhausted from the day, spent the night in a different place, and slept through the alarm clock, so we got up way too late. So we missed the sunrise, but we just went hiking during the day and still enjoyed the phenomenal view, which you can view from all sides.

3. Currumbin Rock Pools

Okay, although this is not a waterfall, it is definitely worth a visit! The Rock Pool is a beautiful open space in the middle of nature. It is a kind of swimming pool in the rocks, where you can swim freely or lie in the river between the rocks. Great to cool off in the hot summer because the water is stone cold! Also perfect for a cozy picnic-barbeque-campfire evening and to spend the night there.

When we were there, there was a large log in the water where some children played on. We also liked this, so we played on that tree trunk for a long time together with all the children.

4. Hanging Rock Falls, Nimbin

At these waterfalls, near the hippie village of Nimbin, you can enjoy a swim and jump into the water from the rocks. There are also some ropes hanging and people sometimes jump from very high (which was also the case with us) down. I thought it was a bit too scary and too cold to jump so I didn’t go, but Ollie, my travel companion, did the jump. I layed down in the little flowing stream, which was also very satisfying.

The gorgeous Nimbin-valley

Hippie village Nimbin: the most colorful village I’ve ever seen!

5. Numinbah Valley – Natural Bridge

Between Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park is the Numinbah Valley, where this waterfall is located. It looks like a kind of bridge and when you walk under it the water is clear blue when the sun shines on it! A very special waterfall to see. Also nice that they have made a staircase so you can look underneath it!

6. Lamington National Park – Coomera Circuit

Drive a little further inland, and you will come across this waterfall. The view after a long hike is repulsive and reminds you of Australia as you might have envisioned it. A beautiful view, and a place where you feel completely one with nature.

And now you have another good reason to go to Australia!



Celina is an adventurer by heart, who likes to take on any challenge, wether it is hiking trough the Alps or living in a bus in the outback of Australia. She loves to be in touch with nature and her dream is to eventually be location independend, organise yoga-retreats all over the world, and keep exploring the corners of our world.

Celina loves doing yoga, surfing, longboarding and being near the sea or the mountains.

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