Indispensable when visiting the Goldie, also known as the Gold Coast in Australia, are the countless good surf spots that you have there. And you don’t even have to surf well for it, watching is also very satisfying. But be prepared: you are not alone here, and everyone can surf really well. But that should absolutely not stop you from going into the water and enjoying all the beauty that the Gold Coast has to offer.

The Gold Coast is south of Brisbane, the city which we flew to in Australia. This area is located in Queensland, in the east of the immense country that calls itself Australia. In about an hour’s drive from Brisbane you are in the southernmost tip of the Gold Coast, called Coolangatta. This famous surf spot, where many well-known surfers (like Mick Fanning) are regular spotted guests, is located on the border of the state of Queensland and New South Wales.

Parking in Coolangatta looks like this.

If you’re sleeping in a van here like we did, it’s very bizarre as New South Wales rules on wild sleeping and parking are more lenient than in Queensland. This was very funny to see, because on one side of the hill saw a completely empty parking space, and on the other side of the hill it was full of the most colorful vans. This point I’m talking about is at the Captain Cook Memorial, which has a clear boundary between the two states. Highly recommended for sleeping, and also close to the Gold Coast’s number 1 surf spot, Snapper Rocks!

This place was like a paradise heaven.

1. Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta

The most beautiful surf spot on the Gold Coast. When you see the picture you will understand why (wave after wave after wave on a good day). But everyone knows this too, so when it’s a good day there are about 100 people in the sea. Surfing legend Mick Fanning also surfs here sometimes, but also a lot of other very good surfers. It seems that someone almost broke Peru’s world record for the longest wave here. This wave that someone drove was almost four (!) minutes, with a distance of about two kilometers. You start at Snapper Rocks and sometimes surf all the way to Kirra, three beaches away.

2. Rainbow Bay (the place I always surfed, right next to Snapper Rocks) 

This wave is literally next to Snapper Rocks, but a little kinder to beginners. I used to surf here because I didn’t like being a super beginner among all those good surfers at Snapper Rocks. Very nice waves are always formed here, often high, but that way you can learn it right away.

The beautiful rocks near Snapper Rocks: here we spotted a whale with her child!

3. Burleigh Heads 

We lived here for about five months. It is really a beautiful place with a National Park next to the beach where you can take beautiful walks and always encounter special animals (like those weird black turkey things sprinting after each other). In addition to being a beautiful place, you can also surf well. Right next to the National Park, to be exact. Here you go into the water, and from here the waves arise. Sometimes the waves are very nice, but sometimes also very big and steep, and sometimes it is also very busy, but nevertheless it is a very nice location for surfing.

4. Currumbin point

This surf spot is located between Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta. Just like in Byron Bay, you have two sides where you can surf, one side often works well for the beginner and the other side is rougher for the more advanced surfer. Waves can often be found here, even if there is nothing in other places. Surf lessons are often given at this location. A good spot to check every now and then.

5. Palm Beach

This spot is close to Burleigh Heads, but often a bit quieter. It’s on 21st Avenue to be exact, and after you’re surfed out you can have lunch at our favorite lunch spot: Mr Bengel, where we often got a nice chocolate smoothie after the surf, and they are very delicious! We also tasted just about everything from the lunch menu: the vegetarian sandwich with haloumi cheese is highly recommended. But to come back to surfing, you can do that here too. (haha)

Looovely food at Mr. Bengel

6. Cabarita Beach 

The most beautiful beach, a bit further than the Gold Coast, but this one has to be mentioned, as it is truly a piece of paradise. We have slept here quite often with our van near the beach. You can surf very well here, but if you don’t feel like it you can take a long walk on the beach, climb up the hump for the view or, if your budget allows it, have a cocktail at the beautiful Boutique Hotel. Or just relax on the beach with a book. I personally didn’t think this was a suitable place for beginners, because there were sometimes ‘Shore dumps’, and I got the surfboard on my head a few times as a result, which scared me for a long time to surf again. But my boyfriend always loved surfing here, so if you’re a little better this place is perfect, with fast waves and long, empty lineups.

Would you like to visit the Gold Coast?


Celina is an adventurer by heart, who likes to take on any challenge, wether it is hiking trough the Alps or living in a bus in the outback of Australia. She loves to be in touch with nature and her dream is to eventually be location independend, organise yoga-retreats all over the world, and keep exploring the corners of our world.

Celina loves doing yoga, surfing, longboarding and being near the sea or the mountains.

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